Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Removable rails

I'd been pondering the removable rail thing for a bit and finally got it to the point that I like it. It mounts to the existing hardware, so it retrofits to my existing racks and is only $40. I could make a taller, double layer version too on request that would be more of a basket. Careful now, don't get hyp-mo-tized by all the shiny.


  1. oh man, your racks keep getting better and better. I've been meaning to get you some measurements on head tube angle and fork rake for the bike I'm building up, but now I want to wait till the rest of the bike is done, just to see what you'll come up with by then!

  2. But that's the trick man, it's all modular! I promise, even once you get one I'll find ways for you to spend more money with me. ;)