Friday, January 30, 2009

TCB 3.0: The Pret a Porteur

This is it! I am officially now producing the best racks at the best price in the world!

I came up with a new design recently and it's simple enough to produce that I can now bring my base price down to $100 $140. The other brilliant aspect of this design is that I wrote some customizing software to go with it. It works like this; you send me fork measurements, I ask my thinkin' box where to cut the tubes, I build a rack custom fitted to your bike for only an extra $10. Some custom builders are going to laugh at me for saying the "c word" without charging an arm and a leg, but that's the beauty about my method is that it really is that simple.

I have three standard sizes for this model if you don't need the custom option; Eyelet Tour for touring forks with double eyelets, Axle Tour for taller forks like the Crosscheck or 27" bikes, and Axle Road for road bikes with short reach brakes. The Axle models still require a solid axle front wheel (bolt on, not quick release, not allen key skewers) as mounting heavy cargo on a skewer is a bad scene waiting to happen.

I also now have three different crown attachment systems so any kind of brakes (even Paul's Racers) can be easily accommodated.

Hopefully I'll have more pictures up on the gallery at the website soon, but peep these for now.

Oh, and I recently took a delivery on a pallet, so now I'm legit.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the simplicity and have been looking for a rack in the front. Glad I caught this through a BikePortland tweet.

  2. Yay! Someone read my blog!

    Thanks Travis, be in touch and I'll be glad to rack you where it counts ;)