Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We have moved to tcbracks.com

It took me forever because I'm definitely one to get my fingers into too many pots (and not a rich man yet), but the revision of my wbsite is finally done and I'm stoked! The main page has a news/blog feature, so all of the posts from here got ported over and all new info will be there from now on.

Thanks Blogger, it's been great but I'm totally dumping you for somebody WAY hotter!


Monday, September 28, 2009

TCB has a woodie

Am I fixated on the puns or do they find me?

Regardless, I've been getting these dialed in all summer and they're finally ready for debut. The tops are either birch or locally made carbon fiber from Ruckus Components for now, but I plan on eventually getting bamboo and some hardwoods as I find good material sources.

Sizing/compatibility is the same as for the other Pret a Porteurs. Solid axle or top rack eyelets only, no carbon forks, standard sizes for road, MTB and touring bikes, custom sizing available.

$165 for birch, a bit more for carbon.
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