Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm sponsoring a race?

So what the hell is a utility cycle company doing sponsoring a race? Well, it's a courier race.

The West Side Invite is the west coast's premier celebration of taking things places by bike and having a well earned pint or eight afterwords. Started by Portland messengers in 2001, this is the first time it will be held out of state. Seattle has been asking to host the race for years and we finally decided we could use a break, so Emerald City here we come.

I'm putting up two racks for prizes and if I have any sway with the organizers (don't think that'll be a problem) they will go not to the fastest, but to the awesomest. You know, "best use of a nipple driver", "least beer spilled while racing", those kinds of things.

Memorial day weekend, May 22-25. If you are not there I will be having more fun than you. :P

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  1. Hey Tad, that's pretty awesome that you won the bag--considering your line of craft! Your feedback is good to hear--we've been battling with the dee ring sitch for some time and are working on some padded straps that tuck out of the way. but for real, if you want to team up on some bags with dimensions and mounting to match your work let us know. we like projects! keep up the lovely metal work--martina & goods