Friday, July 18, 2008

Takin' Care of Business!

Standard bike racks are great for carrying panniers and small loads, but how do you get that casserole to the potluck without your car? What about getting that box of documents you brought home back to the office? You certainly don’t want to squash all those beautiful heirloom tomatoes you found at the farmers market by putting them in your backpack or messenger bag.

Large platform front racks are the easiest, safest way to carry larger loads on the standard bicycle you already own. The load being supported evenly by the large platform prevents things from leaning or falling off the side. Having your cargo in front of you is a big advantage too since you can see if it does shift or open or bounce around. Forward placement also improves stability since heavy rear loads tend to make the bike sway, wobble and corner unpredictably.

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