Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A word on forks

As much as I would like these racks to have universal mounting and work on any bike, I have realized that's not really feasible. I sat down recently to do some calculations and, though I have not yet completed my engineering degree, I deem it unsafe to mount these on a bike with a quick-release front hub that has no adequate mounting points on the fork. Reason being that the rack could easily handle a load that could break the QR skewer, which would rapidly introduce face to pavement. Not good. I am therefore requiring that the mounting point be either eyelets ABOVE the axle, mid-mount bosses (low-rider mounts), or a solid axle hub (bolt on hub). I am very committed to these being versatile racks that are backwards compatible, but want it to be clear that your bike should be ready to deal with large loads if you want a rack like these that can carry them. The pictures are of a mid-mount fork (bolts in the middle of the blades), and a double eyelet fork (eyelets above and behind the axle), which are the best options.

Update: Upon further review, even mid-mounts are not an ideal option, though I do offer a lighter duty version of the Pret a Porteur for mid-mounts. Solid axle or double eyelets if you really want to carry lots of weight.

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