Friday, January 30, 2009

Oregon Manifest

Been busy and haven't updated in a while, but hopefully I'll be better about putting new news up here.

So... I had a booth at the Oregon Manifest show way back in October and it was a blast. I figured since I make cargo racks I should definitely bring my booth to the show on a bike. That's a lot of stuff to haul on a rack so I made a trailer out of my booth instead.

Once I got to the show I felt totally outclassed but then realized these folks have been doing this for years and by the time I got set up I felt just fine about my display. And it worked! I sold a few racks, met a bunch of builders and suppliers, ate pozole, drank beer, wore suspenders...oh, and did the builders lap at the Cross Crusade race on my rack bike in my safety glasses and welding gloves.

I have a really cool job.

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